Ramadhan Kit 4 Kids (Version 2)


The Ramadhan Kit 4 Kids include:

    • The Stars Chart (A3) – to encourage fasting with a star for each completed day
    • The Moon Chart (A3) – to track the changing shape of the moon throughout the month
    • The Good Practices in Ramadhan (A3) – informative poster with beneficial things to do
    • The Daily Zikir (A3) – 3 different Daily Zikir for every one-third of Ramadhan
    • The Sadaqah Jar sticker – to be fixed onto a recycled jar for a collection of money to be donated to the needy
    • The Certificate – as a reward to your child after the completion of Ramadhan

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Ramadhan Kit 4 Kids, is not only focused on fasting & getting that star sticker after each completed day. The Kit is a holistic experience, the whole package on how to encourage your little ones to embrace the spirit of Ramadhan.

We have the moon chart to track the progress and shapes that the moon goes through, a sticker to paste on a jar to encourage the kids to set aside money for sadaqah and colourful & informative posters on good practices and daily zikir that we are encouraged to do in Ramadhan.

And at the end of Ramadhan, you as a parent or guardian get to award the child with a certificate. A milestone that you and the child have completed. Be it the child’s first Ramadhan or not, Ramadhan Kit 4 Kids aims to make the month an enriching & rewarding experience for both adult and child.


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